CSPA Youth Artist String Competition

Welcome to 2022 CSPA Young Artist String Competition!

The Community School for the Performing Arts announces their first CSPA Young Artist String Competition for pre-college students (Age 5-18). The competition seeks to develop the performance capabilities of young string students, renew their commitment to string studies, and provide an important learning and development experience through the joy of performing. This is the second year of the competition!

We will posting dates and further details of this year's Competition SOON!


All students (Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass) in age 5-18.

Participants will be grouped according to their age on the date of the competition: 

  • Elementary (approx. any age up to 9). 
  • Intermediate (approx. age 10-15)
  • Senior (approx. age 16-18)


  • First Place Honor 
    Second Place Honor
    Third Place Honor
    Honorable Mention

Participants who achieve First, Second, Third place or Honorable mention score at the auditions are eligible to participate in the 2022 CSPA Final Competition Concert..


One solo composition, not to exceed a total of 10 minutes playing time. Individual movements or sets of movements from a larger work may be used. It is preferred that repertoire be performed from memory, but not required. Contestants must perform with Piano Accompaniment.

Additional Rules

  • Total playing time is five (5) minutes. There is no minimum time requirement. Contestants will be stopped after five (5) minutes playing time.
  • Results of the competition will be announced to the contestants shortly after the competition ends. Winners who are unable to be present at the conclusion of the competition will be phoned and an email will be distributed to all contestants as soon as possible after the conclusion of the competition.
  • Each contestant will receive the judge’s written comments and evaluation at the conclusion of the competition.  
  • Contestants are urged to provide their own accompanists, but we will furnish an accompanist for a fee. Accompanist fee covers a 15-minute scheduled rehearsal and performance time(s). Additional requests and fees are at the discretion of the accompanist. (Piano Accompanist: Dr. SongHwa Chae; $20/person)
  • The judge’s decision will be final.

Schedule of Events

To be announced soon!

youth artist string competition

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