Objects in the Mirror

Directed by Penny Cullers & Hal Dace
Written by Hal Dace


Judy Plethos has a great career as County Attorney and a happy personal life in a small town in Kansas. Events carry her into a dark place as the pressures of a difficult case and a deep betrayal pull her soul apart.
16+ 2h 22min

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Cast List:

Dave Mangle                          Kim Riley
Shane                                     Betinna Boller
Bar Fly                                    Chazs Jackson
Police Officer                          Suliel Sapp
Dr. Ballentine                          Richard Gehring
Jury Foreperson                     Sheila J. Walker
George Hammacher               Donald J. Davis
Judy Plethos                           Penny Cullers
Abigail                                     LaVonne Canfield
Fawn Rainier / Delia Donner  Grace Friedel
Bradley Platt                           Chris Bailey
Patty Rohm                             Maddy Wolfe
Mrs. Rohm                              Alisa Wolfe
Court Reporter 2                     Amy Barne
Waiter                                      Jacob Disberger
Dr. Long                                  Mike McCarty
Lucas Rohm                           Steve LaRocque
Mrs. Donner                            Jennifir McGillis
Chad Nuttal                             Bob Fleener
Mom                                        Mary Elizabeth Atwood
Tia                                           Brooke Debow
Judge Girdlestone                   Sandy Chastan
Graham Hoffman                    Charles Sutterlin
Svenson                                  Robert Deemie
Court Reporter 1                     Lainee Ross
Shelly                                      Meagan Cramer
Milo Travis                              Evan Glen Tuttle
Dad                                         Eric Danielson

Objects in the Mirror movie poster