Group Violin Classes

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Group classes are perfect for students and families to “try-out” the violin with a less intensive way of learning technique and musicality than CSPA’s Suzuki Program or Traditional Private Lessons. Students remain in a class or are moved based on the instructor’s assessment, which means some students may be in the same class for more than one semester or year. 

Group Violin - Foundations (Fridays)
Instructor: Dr. Mandy Wang        Ages: 4yrs-5th grade 
Day: Friday               Dates: Feb 4-Apr 29 (12 weeks, no class Mar 18)
Time: 4:30-5:00pm                                                                            
Cost: $160 (includes violin) 
This group class is designed students who have never played. Great emphasis is put on the posture of both the violin and the bow and the mechanics of how the hands coordinate to play the instrument. The class involves listening games, fun activities, and engagement of both the parent and the child. This class provides instruction, support, and inspiration for parents new to the Suzuki Method.  

Monday Group Violin classes remain at the same time as fall sessions. 

Group Violin - Foundations A
Instructor: Dr. Mandy Wang         Grades: Pre-K4-Kindergarten
Day: Mondays    Dates: Sep 27-Dec 13 (Fall) Feb 7-May 2 (Spring)
Times: 3:45-4:15pm  

Group Violin - Foundations B
Instructor: Dr. Mandy Wang             Grades: K-2
Day: Mondays    Dates: Sep 27-Dec 13 (Fall) Feb 7-May 2 (Spring)
Times: 4:25-4:55pm  

Group Violin - Beginnings 
Instructor: Dr. Mandy Wang             Grades: 3-5
Day: Mondays  Dates: Sep 27-Dec 13 (Fall) Feb 7-May 2 (Spring)
Times: 5:05-5:35pm     

Group Violin - Choir 
Instructor: Dr. Mandy Wang              Grades: 2-5
Day: Mondays Dates: Sep 27-Dec 13 (Fall) Feb 7-May 2 (Spring)
Times: 5:45-6:25pm   

*Private lessons are offered through the Community School for the Performing Arts.

Many thanks to 

The Gregory P. St. Amand 
Memorial Fund

for supporting this program.

mini violin

Parent Orientation Session
Two orientation sessions for parents whose children are starting with Group Violin Classes are scheduled at the beginning of the fall semester and spring semester. 

Conducted by Certified Suzuki Teacher Dr. Mandy Wang, these sessions provide parents with an introduction to the Suzuki philosophy, discussion of the parental role, techniques for successful home practicing and Suzuki Approach in practical applications.