Group Violin Classes

Winter/Spring registration begins December 14 at noon.

Group classes are perfect for students and families to “try-out” the violin with a less intensive way of learning technique and musicality than CSPA’s Suzuki Program or Traditional Private Lessons. Students remain in a class or are moved based on the instructor’s assessment, which means some students may be in the same class for more than one semester or year. 

Saturdays - Feb 11 - May 6
*NO CLASS MAR 11, 18, & APR 22
COST: $110/semester (includes use of violin)
             Just $11 per class!


Group Violin Foundations A 
Instructor: Yi-Miao Huang        Grades: 4-6 yrs old
Day: Saturdays    Dates: Feb 11 - May 6
Times: 10:15-10:45am
Cost: $110/semester (includes use of violin)
Do you have the next great virtuoso living in your home? Let's get 'em a violin and find out! Regardless - music learning is great for the mind and the spirit! This class is for students who have never played. The class involves fun games and activities that promote listening and emphasize the posture of both the violin and the bow and beginning hand skills. This class is taught based on Suzuki philosophy.

Group Violin Foundations B
Instructor: Yi-Miao Huang           Grades: 7-10 yrs old
Day: Saturdays   Dates: Feb 11 - May 6
Times: 10:50-11:20am
Cost: $110/semester (includes use of violin)
Similar to Suzuki A, but designed for older elementary students who have never played. Learn the basics from our superb instructor in a relaxed, fun, and supportive setting. Discover the joy of music making in this class grounded in the Suzuki philosophy.

Group Violin - Choir 
Instructor: Yi-Miao Huang               Grades: 4-5
Day: Saturdays  Dates: Feb 11 - May 6
Times: 11:25am-12:10pm
Cost: $110/semester (includes use of violin)
So you know the basics and are ready to take on the world? This group class is the first step toward your violin world domination! This class studies beginning note and rhythm reading and learning to play as a group.

Private lessons are offered through the Community School for the Performing Arts.

Many thanks to 

The Gregory P. St. Amand 
Memorial Fund

for supporting this program.

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