CSPA Policies

Cancellations, Absences & Make-ups       

CSPA does not offer credits or refunds for missed or canceled lessons.

  • If the instructor cancels a lesson a make-up lesson will be provided. 
  • If a student cancels a lesson a make-up lesson may be arranged at the instructor's discretion, but cannot be guaranteed. **Students are encourage to plan ahead for absences and are allowed to trade slots with another student. 
  • Students with past due accounts will not be scheduled for make-up lessons.
  • Students may request a leave of absence for serious illness or other family matter by contacting the instructor first and then Michele Ward, this would allow the account to be on hold until the student returns, however, CSPA cannot hold a student's lesson slot and accounts must not have a balance due.
  • Prearranged make-up lessons must be completed by Dec 18 for fall semester or May 21 for spring semester.
  • Make-up lessons do not carry over into the next semester.

Request for Schedule Change
Once the session has begun, available lesson times are extremely limited. CSPA cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate a schedule change request. To request a schedule change, please contact your current teacher first and then contact Michele Ward at MAC 785-537-4420.

Code of Conduct
CSPA reserves the right to suspend or discontinue any student at any time due to a lack of interest, extreme absences, behavior problems, regular tardiness, failure to make payment, or noncompliance with CSPA policies.

Child Safety
Music lessons are often a family affair with parents attending to ensure better practice at home. If you must bring along siblings to a lesson or group class please be prepared to supervise children at all times. Please do not leave children unattended at MAC or K-State. 

CSPA offers students opportunities to perform once the student is ready to do so. Performance is part of becoming a well-rounded musician and participation is not required but is strongly encouraged. All CSPA recitals are free to participate and attend. Studio recitals are scheduled by the instructor. We apologize that we cannot accommodate everyone's individual schedules, but we do try to choose a time that is convenient for most families. 

By enrolling with Community School for the Performing Arts you agree to receive phone, email, and/or mail communications from Manhattan Arts Center, K-State School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, and the CSPA registration software regarding your account, schedule, upcoming events, and other important information. Please notify MAC if you have a change in your contact information. 

Financial Information

Payment Plans
Two payment options for Fall 2022:
1. Students may choose to pay for full tuition (semester or year) before the first day of class.
3. Installment Payment Plan – Families may pay using one of the above options or make a three (3) installments per semester, six (6) for the year, with the initial payment due at the time of registration. This requires that you keep a credit card on file in the Active Registration system.

Students awarded scholarships must make a minimum $100 payment at the time of registration.

* Students are not put on a class roster until initial payment has been received. Summer lessons are always optional.

CSPA Coaching 

  • Contact us about available coachings
  • Coaching is not available for all studios/instruments
  • Must enroll for a minimum of 3 sessions
  • Must be paid in full at time of registration

Refund Policy
Students commit for the semester/session. If a student withdraws before the end of a semester/session, tuition refunds are granted under the following circumstances for students who pay full tuition before the first day of class:

  • Up to 2 weeks before the beginning of semester/session: 100% refund, less a 10% of the cost of tuition paid
  • Between the beginning of the session and 28 days into the semester/session: 50% total tuition paid 
  • After 28 days into the semester/session: 0% refund

For students who pay less than full tuition at the time of registration and cancel before lessons begin:

  • Up to 2 weeks before the beginning of semester/session and less than $200 paid: 100% refund, less a $20 registration fee, assuming no lessons have been taken 
  • Up to 2 weeks before the beginning of semester/session and more than $200: 100% refund, less a 10% of the cost of tuition paid, assuming no lessons have been taken
If you cancel after lessons begin:
  • Between the beginning of the session and 14 days into the semester/session: 50% total tuition paid, less lessons taken
  • After 14 days into the semester/session: 50% total tuition paid, less lessons taken and less 10% of the full semester registration fee
Student withdrawals for medical or family emergencies or other extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis in regards to the issuing of tuition refunds.

Class/Workshop/Camp cancellations:
  • $20 non-refundable fee for all classes/workshops $100-200 and cancelled more than 1 business day in advance
  • Classes and camps over $200 will be refunded less 10% the cost of the class/camp if cancelled more than 3 business days in advance.
  • Any class/camp canceled less than 3 business day in advance will be assessed an additional $20 non-refundable fee.
  • Workshops cancelled 1 business days in advance will not be eligible for a refund but may be used towards another class or workshop, less a cancellation fee.
  • No refunds will be given after the second session of a class or camp or workshop. (Refunds will be less a fee & cost of past sessions.)

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