CSPA Faculty

Our instructors are familiar with many curricula. All undergraduate students have been approved to teach by the KSU faculty. 

Interested in teaching with CSPA? Please submit your resume to Dr. Jeffrey Ward, Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.  

Jasmine Bates, piano
Brandon Collins, percussion
Slawomir Dobrzanski, piano
Amy Guffey, clarinet
Dustin Hayes, piano

Paul Hunt, trombone
Mitchell Jerko, piano/voice
Clara Kachanes, violin/viola

Ryan Keith, violin
John Kilgore, trumpet

Brett Lytle, cello/bass

George Matthews, theatre/scenery
Steven Maxwell, euphonium/tuba
Julia McCabe, saxophone

Craig Parker, trumpet
Staci Payne, general music
David Pickering, organ
Cheryl Richt, voice
Amy Rosine, voice
Kathy Voecks, theatre/scenery
Man Wang, violin/viola
Jeff Ward, conducting
Kate Westhoven, voice
Alex Wimmer, conducting
Colleen White, flute
David Wood, voice/recorder


Private Lesson Inquiry Form  

CSPA offer scholarships for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. See our scholarship policies for more information. Please contact us at 785-537-4420 for information when registering.