Adult (14+) Visual Art Classes

Enrollment for Winter/Spring classes opens Dec 14 at noon.

Landscape Painting with a Knife

What, no brushes? Yes, you can paint a landscape using only a Painter’s Knife. Students will learn how to use a knife to paint with, leaving a texture to your work of art that many long for. This type of painting also improves your overall approach to painting and your ability to plan out your work towards achieving satisfactory end results.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Wednesdays Time: 6:30 - 9pm
Dates: Jan 11 - Feb 15 (6 weeks) 
Cost: $160

Monochromatic Landscape Painting

The student will learn how to look at a true color landscape subject and paint a monochromatic landscape from it. The term ‘monochromatic’ refers to using shades of a single color to complete the whole painting.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Thursdays Time: 12 - 2pm
Dates: Jan 19 - Feb 23 (6 weeks)
Cost: $160


Portraiture Series:

Session I: Portrait Values in Pencil

For a student to finish a portrait that looks and feels like the subject they are trying to represent, they first must understand the values of the face. In this class, the student will complete a pencil drawing of the human face. This will give the student the actual experience in how to find the values and tones and tints that each human face has.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Saturdays Time: 1 - 3 pm
Dates: Jan 14 - Feb 4 (4 weeks)                             
Cost: $125

Session II: Portrait Skin Tones in Paint

Students will learn how to mix skin tones in this class. Knowledge in mixing good skin tones with your paint will make painting portraits so much easier. Students will also learn to build a skin tone diary so they will have a good reference for future paintings.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Saturdays Time: 1 - 3 pm
Dates: Feb 18 - Mar 11 (4 weeks)                             
Cost: $140

Session III: Portrait Painting

In this class, each student will bring in a printed picture of a person of whom they would like to paint a portrait. The student will learn the steps to start, execute and finish a portrait. It is recommended that students take the other portrait classes before coming to this class. Portraits are fun - and complex. The more knowledge you have before attempting to paint a portrait, the easier the process will be.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Saturdays Time: 1 - 3 pm
Dates: Mar 25 - May 13 (8 weeks)                             
Cost: $175


Monotype: Experimental Printmaking

This class is an introduction to monotype, a printmaking process in which ink is rolled onto a slab, manipulated in some way, then transferred to paper using the pressure of a press or hand/baren, to create unique, one-off prints. Demonstrations will include stenciling, layering, collage and other techniques. Most of class time will be set aside for play and experimentation. No prior experience needed. Supplies provided.
Max: 6 students

Instructor: Mary Gordon McFall
Day: Tuesdays Time: 6 - 8pm
Dates: Mar 21 - May 2 (6 weeks) NO CLASS April 4
Cost: $155 All materials included


Abstracted Landscape

The student will learn how to look at a subject and abstract it. This style of painting was invented by Paul Cézanne, who brought it to popularity in the 1800’s. He became frustrated having to paint landscapes that looked exactly like what he saw. He decided to put a twist on how things would appear in his paintings. People soon became intrigued, and the art form was very quickly accepted. Students will be taught how to plan, execute, and finish a painting in this style.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Wednesdays Time: 6:30 - 9pm
Dates: Apr 5 - May 10 (6 weeks)
Cost: $160


Plexiglass Etching

Etching is a very old and revered printmaking form of art. Instead of using copper plates, we will go modern and use plexiglass plates. The result is the same, but it cuts out the acid and tar needed for all other metal plates.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Thursdays Time: 12 - 2pm 
Dates: Mar 30 - Apr 20 (4 weeks)
Cost: $155

Values in Graphite Drawing

Learning how to do a graphite (pencil) drawing helps build a good foundation for all art mediums. In this class you will learn how to assess a value and improve your ability to see values across the board. Be it painting, drawing, or working with a color subject, getting the values right, your finished product will be that much more satisfactory.

Instructor: Robert Hubbard
Day: Thursdays Time: 12 - 2pm 
Dates: May 4 - 25 (4 weeks)
Cost: $120

Glass on Metal

This class will start with an introduction to the world of metalsmithing, teaching you the basics of how to manipulate metal. After learning forming, soldering, texturing, and etching, it is time for some color! You will learn how to apply enamel glass to your art. Give your earrings, bracelet, or fish sculpture a splash of color using high temperatures.
Min class size: 3   Max class size: 6

Instructor: Spencer Lawson
Day: Tuesdays Time: 6:30 - 9pm
Dates: Feb 21 - Apr 25 (9 weeks, No class Mar 14)
Cost: $185 All materials included
Location: Clay/Metals Studio (West side of Arts Annex)

Scholarships are available for school age students. Please ask before enrolling.

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Robert Hubbard - Artist

Robert Hubbard taught grades K-12 in the Kansas public education system for 28 years. During this time he taught outreach classes for KSU, Washburn, Allen County Community College, and Cloud County Community College. After retiring from teaching, he continued teaching classes at Topeka Art Guild, NOTO, and his gallery in Brookwood Shopping Center in Topeka.

Robert has given workshops in ten different states and has art works on display in all fifty states and five countries. He works primarily in acrylics, but has knowledge in many art mediums. Robert has won “Kansans Paint Kansas,” and was included in the exhibit of 150 Kansas artists for Kansas’ 150th birthday. A few other awards include the Denver International, and the Atlanta Olympic Exhibit in Acrylic Painting.  

Robert’s gentle but firm teaching style puts his students at ease and encourages creativity. He has found Manhattan to be the best place he has ever lived and enjoys getting to know as many people as possible. At MAC, Robert currently teaches adult art classes in many mediums, substitutes for our youth classes, keeps our Art Studio organized, and serves as a mentor and friend for our instructors, studio members, staff, and students.

Spencer D. Lawson - Metalsmith

From the rolling hills, valleys, and forest of Oklahoma, Spencer Lawson built up a love for wildlife and nature.  After graduating from Berryhill high school, he attended Oklahoma State University where he was introduced to the arts and metalsmithing. After a brief adventure into the world of high school teaching and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spencer traveled to Kansas State University to further his metals education and acquire a Master of Fine Arts in metalsmithing. There he learned new techniques and materials in metals and jewelry. Spencer then furthered his education at Penland School of Craft where he learned how to create objects out of pewter and is currently using it as the dominant metal in his organic works today. While completing his final pieces in the sculpture department, Spencer met the love of his life Sarah Lomasney. A romance started over applying ceramic shell to molds and discussing video games into the night in an aging dank studio space. They both later graduated KSU in 2010 and create art in their home studio.

Mary Gordon McFall - Printmaker

Mary Gordon was born in Weinheim, Germany, but calls the Flint Hills of Kansas home. She received her MFA with an emphasis in Printmaking & Book Arts from Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, and BFAs in Printmaking and Painting from Kansas State University. Crossing over between media, Mary explores her natural environment, everyday interactions and overlooked happenings through a lens of play. Mary has participated in residency programs nationally, and exhibited work nationally and internationally. She currently lives and works in Manhattan, Kansas.