Workshops for Teens & Adults

Most workshops are ages 14+

Artist Workshop: Perspective

Instructor: Robert Hubbard                 Time: 1-4pm
Date: Saturday, Sept 23                      Cost: $35 (includes basic supplies)
Don’t leave your house or barn falling down! Perspective is one of the building blocks of drawing and painting. It’s vital in landscape art and can be a source to draw upon in design work. This hands-on approach workshop will discuss one and two-point perspective and have your houses, fences, roads, and pastures looking great!

​2 day Playback Theatre Workshop

Instructor: Randy Mulder               Time: 8am-4pm
Dates: October 11 & 12                  Cost: $100
Ages: 18+
Playback Theatre is an ensemble-based improvisational theatre where members of the audience are invited to share stories that the actors “play back” to the spectators. It is a different way to connect with people who often don’t feel they have been ‘heard’ and/or who want to share in a unique form of applied theatre.
Enroll by calling the MAC office: 785-537-4420

Artist Workshop:

Instructor: Ann Carter                       Time: 1:00pm-5:30pm 
Date: Saturday, October 14             Cost: $80
Experience the fun of creating with this ancient medium. Layer colored hot wax on wood, then scrape, embed photos and other objects, experiment with photo transfer, and add more colors. Suitable for beginners or those who want to continue working with encaustics. Bring photos, artwork, or other small art to embed in your wax art.

Artist Workshop:
Printmaking/Block Printing

Instructor: Lea Heryford                Time: 9:30am-12pm 
Date: Saturday, Nov 4                     Cost: $45 (includes supplies)
Just in time for the holidays, learn both block print and monotype printing to create usable and givable art! No prior experience necessary and all supplies provided. We’ll be using paints, so please dress accordingly. Class will meet in the Creative Arts Annex art room.

Artist Workshop: Bookbinding

Instructor: Lea Heryford               Time: 1-5:30pm 
Date: Saturday, Dec 2                    Cost: $55 (includes supplies)
Create a hardcover book using the coptic stitch: a non-adhesive, hand-sewn binding that allows the stitch-work to be visible and allows the book to lay flat. Great for journaling, sketching, keeping notes, or as a gift.